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Press reports

Aatonau Art Magazin

Interview mit Susanne Witzig by Hajra Salinas

"Painting a Path to Healing."

"...Witzigs artistic process is an intimate dance between her emotions and the canvas, where each brushstroke brings her closer to inner peace..."

Berlin Art Magazin

Interview mit Susanne Witzig

Susanne Witzig talks about her childhood enthusiasm for colours, her intuitive way of painting and how she found her artistic identity after 45 years. An insight into the life of a fascinating artist

Future Art Magazine

Belief in yourself

Borken newspaper

Colors that make you forget pain

Borkener Zeitung

Paintings between Expressivity and Constructivity

Dein Münster

Raphaelsklinik opens exhibition by Susanne Witzig

Münstersche Zeitung, 19.01.2024 

Ankündigung Ausstellung Chaos&Symmetrie in der Münsterschen Zeitung
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