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Art... is my personal adventure

and a journey to my self

I don't paint what I see, but what I feel

Art is absolute freedom...

you can do anything  paint and everyone else is free to decide whether they like it or not

Painting is my very personal adventure on a journey to my inner self

In all works of art you will only ever see what you want to see. 

With my pictures I make the invisible visible. What has been repressed and forgotten is given a face with a lot of space and time

Every artist has a muse...

I have four

If I could express it in words, I would have no reason to paint

i paint myself


Art doesn't always have to be described in words... Sometimes it's enough to just feel them

My inspiration comes from within... no heaven... Man... Forest... The spectacle of nature will ever inspire me as much as the depths of my soul

Looking at my paintings is always a look back into my soul during the process of creation

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