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With my painting, I want to inspire the viewer to:
always believing in oneself and
to dare to go your own way.


Art knows no disability

Susanne Witzig is a painter born and living in Germany in 1971. Even as a child, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness that was characterized by discipline, renunciation, pain and suffering. There was neither space nor time for emotions and things that a child or adolescent normally does. This had a very strong impact on her, so that until 2015 she had an excessive functioning between file folders in an open-plan office, until she suffered a physical and mental breakdown due to a dissociative movement disorder and has been confined to a wheelchair for 90% ever since. This was followed by stays in clinics and the long struggle back to a normal everyday life. During this time, it became clear that recovery can only take place if she finds herself and actively processes all the things that led to this serious diagnosis and she manages to find a healthy relationship between her body, mind and soul. 

All the emotions and insights that come with this process are evident in her artworks. Abstract painting is above all an expression of her soul and is reflected in the liveliness of her paintings. For Susanne Witzig, painting what she feels is nothing more than the enthusiastic affirmation of life, which includes love as well as enthusiasm, inspiration and creativity. 

She mixes some of her acrylic paints herself using neon paints to achieve even more luminosity. The energy and emotions released by painting give her strength and courage. It is precisely this strength and courage that she wants to pass on to others and communicate with the world through her works of art. 

The viewer is invited to nourish himself emotionally with the images and is encouraged to never lose faith in himself.

With luminosity to balance

We humans dream of a perfect balance between mind and soul.


But sometimes this is hindered by the personal development of the individual and by the social obligations and leads to us losing ourselves.

How can I succeed with my art in motivating people to never lose faith in themselves and to dare to go their own way? 

For me, art means immersing yourself in a world full of energy, love, passion and inspiration. It is my personal adventure and expresses what my soul is not able to say through words. Every picture I paint is a journey to myself and on this I take all the aesthetic impressions, fantasies and emotions with me and project this onto my works of art. 


With my art I show my irrepressible willpower in the form of positivity, dynamism and liveliness.


I want the viewer not only to look at my paintings, but to feel them and to always believe in themselves and dare to go their own way.

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